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Piano & Guitar lessons, San Antonio TX, Online Services

piano, guitar, singing lessons San Antonio TX, Online Services


We teach reading music similar to how a speed typist learns her keyboard.

You are taught where the notes are on the keyboard in relation the to piano. 

This method is so fast that students will be reading music on the very first lesson. A child, youth or adult can pick this up so fast that everyone around them will be a awe of what the student is doing.  

After several years of teaching I discovered that most method books want you to buy their books.  Book one takes several months to finish then you go on to book two another several months then book three and so on.  It is slow and boring.  No wonder so many students quit piano!  They never have fun reading music because it takes so long.  

We discovered a brand new way to teach the skill of reading music that is fun, fast and exciting from day one!